iPhone Dev: UIScrollView Unresponsive – Interface Builder Bug?

Hello, hello! I haven’t written in a while and that’s mostly because I’ve been knee deep in my newest app, Pxture, which is finally available in the Apple App Store for the very inexpensive price of FREE.

While I was building the app, I encountered a possible bug. I was trying to get two UITableViews horizontally adjacent to each other in a single UIScrollView so I could essentially swipe left and right to switch table views.

I used interface builder to accomplish this but encountered a bug along the way. I placed the UIScrollView inside a UIView. I then placed the two UITableViews inside the UIScrollView.

I ran the app, and I was able to swipe left and right on the UIScrollView and see the UITableViews inside whiz by. I was also able to swipe up and down to scroll through the UITableView cells. Everything was working so nicely!

However, after I return to the root view from clicking into a UITableView cell to view the detail page, the UIScrollView would cease to respond! I could, however still interact with the UITableView. It made no sense at all! It’s as if the scroll view was non-existent. I NSLogged some touch points and found that views inside the scroll view returned nothing.

After searching the internet, it seems that this is a common problem and is a possible bug in IB. I eventually unchecked “Use Autolayout” on my IB file and viola! Everything was working once again. I always had a bad feeling of this auto layout crap that Apple is trying to push on us. It’s more of a headache than it’s worth!


One thought on “iPhone Dev: UIScrollView Unresponsive – Interface Builder Bug?

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