The First 4 Things You Need to Do With Your New Apple Watch

Congratulations! You just took your first step into the very fun and interesting world of wearable technology. The Apple Watch is arguably the best device in this category. Here is a list of must-dos to get the most out of your new watch:

Pair it with your iPhone

This one’s a no-brainer. The Apple Watch is pretty useless when unpaired. Before you begin, make sure your iPhone is running iOS 9 or later, and that Bluetooth is on. Turn on Bluetooth by going to Settings > Bluetooth on your phone. You must also be connected to Wi-Fi or have cellular service.

Pairing is a simple process that you start by turning on your Apple Watch; you can do this by pressing and holding on the larger button on the left side of the watch until you see an Apple logo. Follow the instructions that appear on your watch.

While doing this, make sure both your iPhone and Apple Watch have at least 75% battery, if not, you can still do the pairing process while both devices are connected to a charger.

Set up security and PIN


It is always advisable to have a passcode or PIN lock on your mobile devices, and the Apple Watch is no exception. After you pair your device and set up preferences, you will be asked to create a numeric passcode. Do that, and make sure you say YES when it asks if you’d like to unlock your watch with your phone. This means that as long as you are wearing your watch and your phone is nearby, you don’t have to enter your PIN every time you need to use your watch.

Wait (bonus step)

After the initial pairing and set up process, your watch screen will display a circular loading bar with an Apple logo in the middle. This could take a while, so it is recommended that you just set both your devices down and periodically check on its progress.

Set up the Activity App


Once your Apple Watch is fully set up, I’d recommend setting up the Activity app. This app will help keep track of daily activities such as minutes exercised, calories burned, etc. It’s a useful thing to have even if you don’t regularly visit the gym. It also reminds you to stand-up once in a while to avoid sitting for too long (hint: that’s bad for you).

If you want to take it a step further, you can even add your weight, gender and height to the “Health” section of the “Watch” app on your iPhone. This allows the watch to record data more accurately to help improve your health.

Customize your watch face


One of the best parts about the Apple Watch is that it is such a personal device. There are quite a few watch faces to choose from and even more ‘complications’ to use. This is my favorite part. No other piece of technology lets you express yourself like the Apple Watch. To enhance this experience, I even created an app called Watch Widgets, that lets you put text, emoji, photos and unique icons on your watch face. To customize your watch face, do the following:

  1. Hard press on the current watch face.
  2. Scroll until you find a watch face you like.
  3. Tap “Customize”.
  4. Swipe left and right to customize different parts of the watch face (i.e. color, detail, complications). You can use the digital crown to scroll through options.
  5. Once you’re done, hard press on the watch face, and then tap it to use.

There you have it! You are now ready to wear your watch everyday and show off your cool new, “timeless” gadget.