Apple Watch + Spotify = Playlist

From weekend hack to reality, Playlist: Spotify Player for Apple Watch is now available in Apple’s App store! When I first purchased the Apple Watch, I was very disappointed to find out that Spotify didn’t have a native Apple Watch app. Without hesitation, I made it a personal mission to create one! Luckily, Spotify had an iOS SDKs readily available. It worked like a charm even though it’s still in beta. It took a while to get the SDK and WatchKit to play nicely with each other, but I got it done eventually!

I hope you all enjoy the app as much as I do! If you find any bugs or have suggestions, I’m always available on Twitter at @J_Ceniza

Give it a download!

Playlist: Spotify Player for Apple Wath is a compact, streamlined music player for the Apple Watch that connects to your Spotify account.

From your watch you can:

– Control music
– View your playlists
– Play songs from your playlists

– Requires a Spotify premium account.
– Music will be played from your iPhone, not the watch

For questions and suggestions, contact the developer on Twitter at @J_Ceniza.