5 Outrageous Things You Can Do With Apple’s $18 Billion Quarter

If you haven’t heard, Apple just broke the record for achieving the highest earnings in a single quarter for a publicly traded company. They did that by netting $18 BILLION in income with $74.6 billion in revenues. Much of this success can be attributed to massive iPhone 6 sales.

But enough with the finance talk. What I really wanted to know is what you can do with $18 billion. I’m not referring to how many companies they can buy or how many stocks they can buy back. I much prefer to measure their money using more creative means. With that said, I’ve done the math and give you 5 outrageous things you can do with an $18 billion quarter:

1. Buy one, top of the line Tesla P85D every minute! That’s right, $18 billion per quarter breaks down to about $137,668 of profit per minute. I highly doubt Tesla can keep up with that kind of demand.

2. Generate 13x the GDP of American Samoa in a single month! According to Wikipedia, American Samoa’s GDP is approximately $462.2M. Not too bad for a growing country, but pales in comparison to the kind of money Apple can generate. Apple generates about $6M per month based on their most recent quarter.

3. Cover the distance between the moon and Earth 7 times by stacking $1 bills end to end! How crazy is that? If we obtained $18 billion in singles, and stacked them end to end, it’s enough to make 7 stacks that touch the surface of the moon.

4. Fill 12 Pyramid of Gizas. A single pyramid of Giza can’t contain all those dollar bills. Once again, $18 billion in singles can fill up to 12 Pyramid of Gizas (if there were 12 of them). You need approximately 1,428,331,318 singles to fill one pyramid.

5. Cover the entire country of India TWICE. You read that right. With $18 billion worth of singles, you can cover all of India with two layers of $1 dollar bill blankets. Bad at geography? To put it in perspective, that equates to covering approximately 75% of the United States of America. That is a lot of surface area, my friends.

So there you have it. I hope these visualizations give you get a better sense of how much $18 BILLION really is. In short, it’s A LOT.

p.s. Feel free to check my math!